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DocumentZip was established with the mission of becoming the leading office records management organisation.
While there are many storage options available to businesses, these are, for the most part, very limited and resource intensive to maintain.

DocumentZip allows companies to outsource their document storage and management requirements and simply request the items that are needed when they are needed.

Many of our customers have made significant cost savings by removing the need to maintain their own storage facilities and the associated employees' time costs of managing and filing the stored items.

In addition to this, we have often found document archives existing in unsuitable buildings or rooms either in terms of the environment for paper storage or the tying up of valuable office space.

We take security extremely seriously and as well as core measures such as the installation and central station monitoring of comprehensive fire / intruder alarms, perimeter fencing and steel shuttering, we also maintain a strictly employee access only policy to our facilities.

This means that you will only ever find DocumentZip employees in our storage areas and even customer visits are by appointment and are employee escorted.

In summary, we are able to remove the burden of your document storage and management of office records whether they be paper based or electronic media and make the retrieval of these items as simple as searching your computer network, placing a phone call or sending an email.

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