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DocumentZip provides document scanning service that converts your organization's important papers to digital images.

This process is sometimes called
"document imaging" or "digital imaging."

Having documents on electronic media such as CD or network server can make storage and retrieval of information easier, providing significant advantages over using the paper versions.

Having quick access to documents can help you save money by improving efficiency.
Retrieving information electronically means key staff members are available for more important duties than searching through closets, boxes, folders, and many pages.

Instead, retrieval is accomplished from a computer with a quick keyword search or by browsing an index list.
The pages are available for viewing, printing, faxing
or emailing without using additional paper, or juggling folders.

We provide images in the popular and widely-supported TIFF and PDF Adobe Acrobat formats, along with all other major image, document management systems, text, and database formats.

In-house processing:
For Highly sensitive documents, we are able to provide our services on your premises.
Therefore, NO material is taken offsite.

We also are dealers for major printing and Scanning equipment manufacturers.

We can be your supplier of high speed scanners from Panasonic, Ricoh, Fujitsu, Bell and Howell and others.

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converts documents to DVD
converts documents to DVD
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