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Document Scanning / Imaging

Our core business is converting paper documents to electronic image formats. We support all major image and document managment system formats.

Your paper documents can be marked during scanning, a process sometimes referred to as "endorsing."
Post-imprinting provides physical evidence that the page was scanned.

Pre-imprinting also provides this evidence, but the imprinted mark also shows in the electronic image
of the page.
Examples of imprintable marks include a simple dot,
the date, a company name, a document ID number, or some combination of these marks.
Optical Character Recognition ("OCR")
We can convert your scanned documents into editable electronic files, which can drastically reduce data re-entry labour. All major formats of editable electronic files are supported
Compact Disk Duplication
Multiple copies of your document CDs can be provided for in-house use, or publishing. From basic low budget productions to slick professional packages including custom printed inserts and disks. DocumentZip can provide copies of any CD that you have copyrights or permission to duplicate
Document Preparation for Scanning
If your files are not the most organized or consistent, DocumentZip offers preparation services including staple and paperclip removal, stacking and collating.
Bulk Electronic Docu.
Delivery via Internet - DocumentZip can arrange for secure downloads or uploads of your electronic documents.
We provide a cost effective and secure document disposal service.
Files and documents that are archived or held for statutory reasons should be destroyed of in an organised and secure manner.
Maintaining records longer than necessary incurs unnecessary costs and makes effective document management more difficult.
Business Recovery
DocumentZip offers a comprehensive business recovery service that operates 24 hour, seven days a week.
We hold a stock of your essential office equipment, stationery and supplies that you can call on at any time.
So, in the event of a fire, flood or other catastrophe, you can get a service up and running without delay.
You can store anything from a single box of essential supplies to help get an office or department functioning again to complete contingency facilities for an entire organization.

Either way, our recovery service will help ensure business continuity in the event of any on-site catastrophe
Document Management Training
Our experienced trainers can provide you or your staff with hands-on instruction on our recommended document scanning and management solutions.
DocumentZip can assist you in identifying your needs and matching you with the products, services, and processes that will work the best and cost the least
for your situation.


converts documents to DVD
converts documents to DVD
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