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When you arrive at Paris Hostel, your liaison will welcome you and your group and provide a wealth of information important to the quality of their experience.
Part of that welcome will be an orientation to Paris Hostel’s “Four Respects” and what they mean.

Respect for yourself
Respect for others
Respect for equipment and facilities
Respect for Paris Hostel and the environment

It will make sense to students if they can see a direct relationship between these concepts and the rules they are expected to follow at school.

Code of Conduct:
Students who are disruptive or disrespectful will be given one warning by the administrator or staff member witnessing the behavior.
A second warning from any of the above individuals will result in the student being evicted from the hostel.

Paris Hostel will not tolerate and will evict anyone:
Subletting any part of the hostel
found stealing
found vandalizing any property
in possession of drugs or any harmful material
involved in incidents of abuse or harassment
involved in any incident for which the school has a zero tolerance policy.

There often are different groups in residence at Paris Hostel at one time.
Sharing the Paris Hostel experience with students from other groups and of diverse backgrounds is a positive learning experience.

All students must remember they are ambassadors for their families and they should treat all others with respect.

Students at Paris Hostel are expected to show respect for the environment and fellow students. All group rules apply during group functions, including trips to Paris Hostel.

Please model this respect throughout your stay and consider it a place to start.

For additional safety, Gate
expected to be lockedat all times.

Paris Hostel is a NO-SMOKING environment. i.e NO SMOKING allowed anywhere on premises. This will also help to keep environment clean.