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The new Paris hostel is set within a private luxury villa.
It provides a sense of warmth and comfort for the students as their "home away from home" experience.

For many, this is their first experience living away from home. Accommodations for the emotional well-being and different learning styles of the students were a major consideration in every design decision.
Warm, interior colours creates a soothing effect for the students who are going through various phases of adolescence and teenage growth.

We believe safe, affordable, student living is a key part of academic success.
From your application to move-in and day-to-day living needs, we will help make you feel right at home in our carefully designed student residences. Meet students from around the world, enjoy great social activities, parties and special holiday celebrations, too.

Students will be selected on the basis of academic records and references provided by the applicants previous school.
Prior to acceptance, the hostel manager must be satisfied that an applicant has the motivation and ability to benefit offered at their school. It is also essential that the students can comfortably live and interact in a multicultural, well-disciplined community.

The Hostel experience is singular and dynamic. It refuses to limit learning to the classroom or the conventional academic day. Sharing a Hostel twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week with friends, teachers, coaches and mentors is the difference. Students learn that diversity is the cornerstone of community and that every person has a valuable contribution to make.

Outside the classroom, Hostel students learn about themselves by trying new things and taking risks. During the academic year, the hostel become extended families where teachers and students live and learn together.
The 24-hour community of a hostel environment allows the faculty to seize every teachable moment whether in the classroom, on the playing field, the dining room table, or in the hostel.

Hostel students acquire skills that help prepare them for success beyond the classroom. They are encouraged to be active participants in life.

The Paris Hostel community today is a mosaic of faces and places. Teachers and students bring with them diverse ethnic, racial, socioeconomic, and cultural perspectives and share them in academic and social settings.
The Hostel not only value such vibrant communities but also actively seek to create them.
A person's individual traits, interests, and heritage are considered valuable assets that enhance and strengthen the overall community.