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Student Safety:

Student safety is our utmost concern.
All staff undergo extensive background checks and they as well as students are expected to follow a basic Code of Conduct that includes respect for themselves, each other, equipment, and Paris Hostel itself.

School rules apply.
Severe disciplinary problems or violations of anything for which your school has a zero tolerance policy may result in the student being evicted.


Students are not expected to be supervised at all times but expected to be of good character throughout their stay.

Door Lock:
The hostel main entrance is now fitted with lockjam door lock, therefore when door is shut, it locks instantly.
All doors will be expected to locked as necessary.

First Aid:
We are located within a 2 minute walk to a local hospital.
Students are encouraged to register with the local hospital for adequate treatment should it be required.

We encourage you to contact Paris Hostel directly with any questions you may have about how special needs will be accommodated.